CIPP, or as it’s commonly referred to as cured-in-place-pipe services here in the greater Philadelphia area is what we do best. We offer more CIPP services for both the residential and business applications than any other company, and we have installed more liners than just about any other pipe lining company. Matter of fact, we are the company other companies call when they get in a pinch or bind.

Cured in place pipe is a type of trenchless pipe repair that uses an 2 part epoxy that you mix together. When it ‘cures’ in place becomes incredibly rigid and hard, its like PVC. We set the epoxy resin inside the pipe in questions, generally this is referred to as the ‘host’ pipe. What takes place is that it adheres to the inside or the interior of the host pipe and permanently seals out the imperfections or weak areas with the host pipe. CIPP is one of our most requested service calls we receive on a daily basis. Nowadays people call in and ask for it by name! Over the last couple of year we have seen a dramatic increase in its popularity.

Trenchless technologies, as the name suggests does not require full excavation. People for the most part do not want to dig up their property if they do not need to. CIPP saves your property and it also saves time and money over conventional repair. We back our cured-in-place-pipe repair with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. So when you begin weigh your options between excavation/digging costs there is no comparison at all. At the end of the day, CIPP is the best choice for pipe rehabilitation.

Would you like to learn more about our CIPP methods? Are you or you interested in speaking with one of our certified technicians? Then give us a call today and tell us about your next upcoming project.

We can help plan and project all your costs so you can either get the work done or submit a bid. The Trenchless team can help with any and all of your pipe lining needs. If you like to learn more or be sure to ask about our extensive resume and some of our past customers.