The Trenchless Team understands how important it is to have your drain inspected and drain cleaning here in the greater Philadelphia area is very important. Over the years we have inspected countless drains and quite frankly, we have seen it all. From toys to a dog collar being stuck inside a drain, nothing surprises us anymore. It is amazing what people, especially children can flush down a drain. The good news, we offer the most thorough and complete drain cleaning services anywhere. We have several different types of sewer video cameras that are capable of seeing down inside your sewer system. We also can make you a recording of our findings.

The most common problem we see with drain cleaning doesn’t come from your family members, it comes from Mother Nature, yes, that’s right tree roots. Approximately 80% of all of our drain clearing calls has to do with tree roots, or tree roots that damaged the pipe. Once this happens, there is not much you can do to stop or prevent it from getting worse.

Here at The Trenchless Team, we just do not do drain cleaning, we are a full service trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation company. In most cases, if we do a drain cleaning and you end up going with us for do the repair, we will CREDIT you the cost of the drain cleaning and apply it towards the repair.

We pride ourselves in offering the best services at the most competitive prices, we are not the cheapest however, our work and guarantees are the best in the industry. If you are experiencing backups or a slow draining the give us a call today and let us do a video inspection to get to the ‘root’ of the problem.