Epoxy pipe lining is a great way to effectively restore or rehabilitate your sewer and storm drain pipe. Here are The Trenchless Team this is exactly what we do servicing our customers in the greater Philadelphia area for over 14 years.

We take pride as the most trusted authority for any and all trenchless pipe rehabilitation and we service just about any size or type of pipe. We made the decision long ago to invest heavily in the trenchless industry, which includes, sewer cameras, tractor cameras, hydro jetters, and just about any piece of equipment that will save our customers time and money. have effectively offered our customers a superior product that not only saves property but it also saves time and money.

14 years ago when we first introduced epoxy pipe lining we had to do a lot of education on a better alternative to digging up your property just to fix your sewer line. Here we are 14 years later and most customer now call us and ask for it by name. Good progress wouldn’t you say?

If you decide to have your sewer pipe repaired with the epoxy lining we start with a comprehensive inspection of your pipe’s condition and situation. This is accomplished by using a video pipe camera inspection. The good news is most pipes we inspect are linable. If you have a collapsed or a crushed sewer line then that is the only time we cannot line a pipe, it would need to be dug up at the spot, repaired, then we would go back and line it.

If you would like learn more about our Epoxy Pipe Lining then call us and let one of our technicians help you with your sewer pipe repair.