Atlantic City Sewer & Drain Replacement

Trenchless versus Traditional Sewer Replacement in Atlantic City

Trenchless sewer replacement has several major advantages compared to traditional sewer replacement, and these advantages have made it one of the most popular methods for sewer projects. If you need an Atlantic City sewer and drain replacement at your home or business, you should strongly consider a trenchless option because of the time that it can save, the cost efficiency, and the ability to keep your landscape virtually intact while the whole project is completed. You won’t have to worry about fixing landscape damage, and you can trust that the quality is right on par with traditional sewer replacements.

Trenchless sewer replacement is far less invasive

The main benefit of trenchless sewer replacement compared to traditional methods is the fact that it is far less invasion. Trenchless methods like pipe bursting or pipe lining only require small access holes to be dug instead of gigantic trenches. You can expect that your landscaping or yard features such as trees, bushes, flowers, grass and other objects will be protected from unnecessary damage with a trenchless sewer replacement. This can particularly important if you own a business or have a yard with expensive landscaping.

Traditional sewer repair is sometimes not possible

In some cases, traditional sewer repair is not possible because it requires extensive digging and excavation. For example, there may be a broken sewer line underneath a city street, and obviously it would be extremely difficult and time consuming to have to destroy the pavement and dig through the street rather than using a trenchless repair or replacement. Trenchless methods have become the primary method of repair for these types of projects as well as traditional sewer replacement projects. If you are wondering about some of the other advantages of a trenchless Atlantic City sewer and drain replacement, contact The Trenchless Team today by calling (877) 739-3789.