Galloway Township, NJ Sewer & Drain Replacement

Steps to a Trenchless Galloway Township Sewer Replacement

A trenchless sewer replacement using pipe lining or pipe bursting is often desirable because of the many benefits, the time and money that you can save, and more. Pipe lining is one of the main methods used for a trenchless Galloway Township, NJ sewer and drain replacement because it’s highly effective, it can be used on a wide range of different materials, and it avoids the need to dig a trench. You won’t have to deal with the disruption and the damage that a trench will cause, and the steps are very efficient and fast.

The steps are fairly simple for pipe lining

For a trenchless sewer replacement using pipe lining, an entry access hole is first dug at the center of where the internal repairs for the damaged pipe are needed. A video camera is inserted into the pipe to inspect where the exact areas of replacement are needed. A sleeve that is coated with an epoxy resin is inserted into the damaged area. The sleeve is inflated and the epoxy coats the inside of the pipe completely. After some time the epoxy will dry and create a brand new pipe within the existing pipe.

There are numerous advantages to pipe lining

Pipe lining is an environmentally friendly trenchless sewer replacement option that can work very well for your next repair. It does not have as much waste involved and it does not leave any pipe fragments in the ground. It requires less labor and as a result the cost is often lower than other methods. There is also a warranty included in the vast majority of pipe liners, and landscaping is protected from damage or disturbance. To learn more about trenchless options for your Galloway Township NJ sewer and drain replacement, contact The Trenchless Team today at 844-311-4106.