Lakewood Sewer Inspection

What is Included in a Video Sewer Inspection in Lakewood?

When you need a Lakewood sewer inspection because of a sewer problem that you are having such as backed up drains or a potential leak, you should contact a company like The Trenchless Team that has the equipment necessary for a video sewer inspection. Video sewer inspections can save a tremendous amount of time, and a full inspection is always a good idea even if you think that you only have a minor problem. There is a lot that is normally included with a standard video inspection, and it can catch other potential problems that you may have overlooked.

Your inspection will be thorough

One thing that you can count one when you get a sewer video inspection from a licensed and professional service in Lakewood is the fact that your inspection will be very thorough. The operator will look for any potential areas of damage in the piping such as broken or leaking joints, intruding roots, and will inspect the overall condition of the pipes as they look for the specific problem that you have. You can even ask your service professional about what they will be looking for during their inspection and they should give you details about all the steps involved.

You may be able to get video of your inspection

One unique and interesting feature of many Lakewood sewer inspections with a camera is that you can actually get a video recording of the inspection if you want it. This recording can be valuable if you find that you have regular sewer problems, and it can be used later on if you have a repeat issue in the future. In any case, there will usually be a video recorded by the company for their diagnosis purposes even if you don’t request one yourself. To learn more about the features of a video sewer inspection in Lakewood, talk to a service provider at The Trenchless Team by calling 844-311-4106 today.