Mount Laurel Sewer Inspection

What Happens During a Sewer Video Inspection in Mount Laurel?

A video sewer inspection can catch the exact cause of any sewer problems that you are having such as slow drains, drains that are backing up, foul odors or gurgling noises, and other issues. You should contact a professional company for a Mount Laurel sewer inspection that has camera inspection equipment as soon as you start to notice any issue with your sewer. When you hire a licensed service provider for your video sewer inspection, the entire inspection can be completed in a matter of minutes and it will catch any current or potential problems with your sewer.

A camera is fed into the sewer line

One of the first steps for your video inspection is to insert a camera directly into the sewer line. The camera is attached to a flexible cable and it is waterproof. The camera will also have a light attached to it to make navigation throughout the sewer easier. The operator will carefully look along the walls of the sewer piping to catch any potential problems with the sewer line. Once the main problem is found, whether it is a blockage, collapse or leak, the operator will take a detailed video of it and use it to make a diagnosis.

The live video is used to make a diagnosis

After a diagnosis of the problem has been made following your Mount Laurel sewer inspection, the service professional will give you a recommendation on what to do from there. In many cases, a trenchless repair can be used to fix the problem, and trenchless methods are usually preferable when you want to save time and ensure that the repair is completed as soon as possible. To learn more about a sewer video inspection, talk to The Trenchless Team today by calling 844-311-4106.