Seabrook Sewer Inspection

Warning Signs of a Sewer Clog in Seabrook

If you have a plumbing issue in your Seabrook, NJ home, you know how troublesome that it can be. You may be experiencing slow drains, backed up toilets or sinks, or other problems with your drain system. A Seabrook, NJ sewer inspection using camera technology can find the specific source of the problem, but there are a few warning signs that can help you somewhat determine whether or not you have a sewer clog or a regular clog in one of the pipes in your home.

If you have multiple drains backing up you may have a sewer clog

If you notice that multiple drains are backing up in your home, there is a good chance that you may have a sewer clog. When more than one drain backs up, it is likely that the clog is further down the line and not in your home. If the clog was located in your home, a smaller number of drains would be clogged rather than all of them. Although multiple drains backing up might be the sign of a sewer clog, you should still call a professional sewer repair company for an inspection to find out the exact location.

If water is backing up in strange places you may have a sewer clog

Another way to determine if you have a sewer clog is if you have drains clogging up in strange locations. For example, if you flush your toilet and water starts backing up in your shower drain or tub in a different location, it may be due to a sewer clog. This is because water will start backing up in the lowest drain when the sewer is partially or completely blocked. However, the only sure way to tell is to get a Seabrook sewer inspection using a camera, and for more information about how to do this, contact The Trenchless Team today at 844-311-4106.