Jackson Township Sewer Inspection

Top Causes of a Sewer Clog in Jackson Township

There are several potential causes of a sewer clog in your home or commercial building, and if you suspect that you have a sewer clog, it’s important to schedule a Jackson Township sewer inspection as soon as you are able to. A sewer inspection will be able to help your service professionals diagnose the problem and stop it before it progresses. In this article we will discuss some of the top causes of sewer clogs in your home or business so that you know a little bit about what might be causing your problem.

Tree roots are a main cause of sewer problems

Tree root invasions are a major source of sewer problems and tree root invasions often result in very difficult to remove clogs. Tree roots seek moisture and nutrients, and sewer drains are a perfect source for roots. Once a crack starts to open up in a sewer line, a small root can invade it, and that root will start to grow rapidly if it isn’t dealt with. The more that the roots grow the more damage that they do, as they crack other parts of the sewer line and can eventually completely block it.

Collapsed sewer lines can also cause a blockage

A collapsed sewer line can occur when the pipes are older. Older homes will often have clay or cast iron piping that can collapse after a long period of time. These types of materials will deteriorate and eventually they may collapse in a small section or across a very long section. A Jackson Township sewer inspection using the latest camera technology can find out the exact cause of your particular sewer problem, whether it is a tree root invasion, sewer collapse, grease or debris clog, or other problem. Contact The Trenchless Team at 844-311-4106 to schedule a video inspection of your sewer today.