Sewer Pipe Relining Bethlehem PA

Repairing or replacing an old rotted and cracked sewer pipe used to mean trenching up your yard and having your plumbing shut down for days while an entire new sewer line is installed. If you are here you may have already had a plumber give you a quote to do this and now you are researching your options. Well done. There is a much better solution to restore your sewer line no matter how bad of shape it is in. This is called cured in place pipe (CIPP) or often referred to as trenchless sewer lining. We offer this service to Bethlehem PA and all of Eastern Pennsylvania.


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Video of Sewer Pipe Relining InstallationSewer Pipe Lining Allentown


A Smarter And Economical Alternative To Replace Your Sewer Pipe.

Lets face it, who wants to deal with the disruption of having your yard entire yard trenched and going without plumbing for several days? Thankfully this is no longer the only way to repalce your old rotted sewer line. Using trenchless pipe lining we can restore your sewer to brand new conditon and we only need a small access to pit to expose the pipe (see pipe lining video above). Why would you allow a plumber to tear youyr yard up? Its no longer necessary.

Benefits Of Sewer Pipe Relining

  • Works On Virtually All Sewer & Drain Lines
  • Guaranteed For The Life Of Your Sewer
  • Installs In Just One Day
  • No Digging Is Required
  • Roots Can No Longer Penetrate Your Sewer Line
  • More Economical Than Traditional Dig & Replace Method

We Proudly Serve These PA Cities & Surrounding Areas

Philadelphia, PA

Allentown, PA

Reading, PA

Lancaster, PA

Bethlehem, PA

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement With New Lining

As shown in the above animated video, replacing your sewer can be completed quickly (less than day) meaning no prolonged disruption to your plumbing and having to go toilets and shower dor days. We can complete the lining process in a single day and have you back up and running in no time. The liners are a perfect solution and rated to last for 75+ years.

Our Liners Work On All Main Sewer & Drain Lines

Whether your exsiting sewer pipe in Bethlehem PA is 4 inches or 8 inches in diameter we can reline the pipe and can do lengths in one piece up to 150 feet in length. No need to worry abou bend in the pipe or other pipes coming into the main pipe the liner is flexible and will easy go around bends. We also have a special cutter that will cut out tie ins afte the liner is installed.

Yes Your New Liner Is Guaranteed For Life.

Our liners are very durable and will last virtually forever or at least the life of your home. They are rated to last for a minimum of 75 years so that should cover you and is why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our new sewer pipe liners.

How Do I Get An Estimate?

Getting a fast free estimate is as simple as picking up the phone and calling us. In almost all cases we can provide you with an estimate right over the phone with a little information about your existing sewer pipe like the diameter and approximate length.

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