Sewer Pipe Lining (CIPP) Philadelphia PA

A Sewer pipe liner, also referred to as Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) is the smartest way to repair aging and deteriorating sewer pipes in both residential and commercial applications. It is officially referred to in the industry as CIPP because the liner is an epoxy resinated felt PVC liner that is shot into the existing sewer pipe and cured in place pipe essentially providing a brand new pipe within a pipe.


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Sewer Lining Work On Virtually All Sewers & Drain Lines

The Liners work on even severly deteriorated sewer and drain main lines this includes breaks, cracks and even seperated joints. The sewer lining will seal and bridge these areas and the benefit is the new liner is completely water tight making it impossible for roots from trees and bushes to breach the new liner.

Benefits Of Sewer Liners

  • Works On Virtually All Sewer & Drain Lines
  • Guaranteed For The Life Of Your Sewer
  • Installs In Just One Day
  • No Digging Is Required
  • Roots Can No Longer Penetrate Your Sewer Line
  • More Economical Than Traditional Dig & Replace Method

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How Does Sewer Pipe Lining Work?

First the existing sewer pipe is cleared of scale and debris by a process called hydrojetting. This utilizes high pressure water and a hig speed cutter that hones the pipe out leaving a fresh new surface for the sewer liner to adhere to. Then a elt liner is cut to the proper length and saturated with wet epoxy to 100% saturation. Then the liner is loaded into our special inverson machine that uses high pressure air to “shoot” the new liner into place. Then a bladder is inserted and infated with air to form the liner into the pipe. After several hours the bladder is removed leaving abrand new pipe within a pipe that is rated to last for over 75 years.

When Will Our Sewer Liners Not Work?

If your sewer pipe is completely crushed or has a severe belly in it then our liner may not be the most suitable solution however we do offer other trenchless options for crushed pipes such as sewer pipe bursting. Give us a call today and we can explain the trenchless options available to you.

How Do I Get An Estimate?

Getting an fast free estimate is as simplae as picking up the phone and calling us. In most cases with a bit of information like the length of your sewer or drain pipe we can provide you with an estimate righot over the phone. If you have a video of the sewer pipe we can give you and exact estimate by seeing the video however this is not required.

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